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Hello! I am Nadiia Luchaninova, PhD, candidate of psychological sciences, practical psychologist since 2006. I specialize in relationship psychology, family psychology, work with psychological trauma, depression, panick attacks, food disorders and sexual problems. In my practical work I use client-oriented psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, NLP, art therapy, hypnosis and guided meditations.

  • Graduated from Kharkov National University of V.N.Karazin in 2005.
  • Trained at the Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Moscow Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama
  • Defended dissertation, the topic is Gender-role factors in the formation of psychological readiness for motherhood, 2011.
Diplomas and Associations
  • Diploma of Psychologist, KhNU V.N.Karazina
  • Member of the Association of Perinatal Psychology and Medicine, St. Petersburg
  • Member of the Kharkov Association of Medical Psychology.
  • Psychologist in the Kharkiv maternity hospital №6
  • Psychologist more then 14 years in the framework of private practice
  • 2007-2015 Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy, Kharkiv National University V.N.Karazin
No. 1 '2010
The study of gender and gender-role characteristics of the personality of girls with different types of psychological readiness for motherhood
No. 4 '2008
Problems of the psychological preparation of women for conscious motherhood
No. 3 '2007
The influence of types of motherhood on the formation of mental characteristics of the child

Popular psychology

Regressive hypnosis, guided meditations and other ways of working with the subconscious

Love and relations
How to create a relationship based on trust and love, deal with jealousy so that it does not bother you or your partner, how to show love, how to accept love and develop it, how to trust each other more, how to give joy to a loved one, all this and much more you can find out in online consultations.
Excessive trust or distrust of people, inability to get to know each other, start to communicate, develop relationships, restraint, isolation, jealousy - all this interferes, and we will work it out in our online sessions. To love and be loved is the key to happiness in life, and for this purpose it is worth trying.
Depression, apathy, anxiety, PA
We will work through negative emotional conditions, find internal resources, discover exactly your meanings and reasons, which will give strength to move forward. We will find the reasons for the negativity, work it out, and life will again sparkle with bright colors.
Low self-esteem, self-doubts
In order to be confident in yourself, a strong person, you do not need so much: just self-love. But how often it is suppressed by injuries and negative experiences, a lack of attention from loved ones, especially in childhood. Together we will deal with the topic of self-esteem, build a plan on how to raise it and discover all the possible ways to love yourself.
Family problems
Relations with kids, parents, siblings, spouse, and all big family members, are not always perfect. We will find way to be more happy in family, as it is really good resource that can give you a lot of power and happiness.
Emotional dependence on another person, difficulties with separation, divorce
Toxic relations and co-addiction, affect us and provoke sometimes a lot of pain. We will find your scopes, balance, new power to love and happiness. Sometimes couples break up, it can be difficult and painful too. Not easy to forgive and let go a partner, We will heal your spiritual wounds, make sure that you no longer want to think about him (her) and there are no more negative emotions. After all, you can only build new relationships after closing your "old files".
Cope with the loss of loved ones
It is a grief to lose loved ones. But it is important to live on, to survive the loss. I will help you find new strengths and move forward. You will have support, new energy, new reasons and power to live your new happy life.
Motivation and coaching
We will find your goals and targets and build a plan to moove forward to your archives. You can have professional requests, personal growing up or special issues, that we will win.
Sexual problems
Sexual harmony of a couple, one of the basic condition of happiness. We will understand all issues and you will receive joy and positive emotions from sexual life. We will solve issues of sexual addiction, pervercions, sexual trauma and their consequences.
Services and prices
Prewiew consultation
In a free 10-minute consultation, a psychologist will help you to determine the causes of the problem and suggest solutions.
Initial consultation online
20 EUR / 500 UAH / 1300 RUB
Initial consultation involves improving the psycho-emotional condition of the client due to awareness of the problem, searching and discovering resources, the internal strength of the person, searching for the triggers and causes of problems, as well as determining the vector of further sessions. Sometimes one consultation is enough to enter the optimal state and stop feeling stress and destabilizing factors. The duration of the consultation is an hour.
Consultation online
20 EUR / 500 UAH / 1300 RUB
Deep studying of the causes of the problem and finding methods of correction. The search for resources, opportunities and the disclosure of the strengths of the individual. Movement to the intended goal. Coaching. Mentoring.
Consultation offline
30 EUR / 800 UAH / 2000 RUB
This is a meeting of a client and a psychologist, when more techniques based on a personal meeting can be used. The duration of the consultation is an hour.
Extended consultation
30 EUR / 800 UAH / 2000 RUB
At the extended consultation, you can discuss with a specialist all aspects that affects you and prevent you live happy life. It lasts 2 hours, uses suggestive, meditative and other techniques to change the condition for the better.
Family consultation
30 EUR / 800 UAH / 2000 RUB
A family consultation will help you and your partner find the causes of the conflict. Can be for couples, partners, kids and parents and other family members. You will find ways of deep understanding each other, support and feel free from problems.
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Diploma of candidate psychological scienses
2011, Kharkiv National University of V.N.Karazin

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